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Feb. 21st, 2009

This community is temporarily on hold until the update.

Port of Egerias


"We're a strict Dragonlands Canon dream, which actually seems to be getting rare--I haven't seen many lately that truly stick to the Canon. The most unique thing about Egerias is that it's a very different atmosphere from a lot of the 'tavern' dreams. It's grimy here in a lot of different ways: this is a city of the lowest-of-the-low day laborers, and also a playground for the less... conscientious of the wealthy class. There's everything from gang warfare to black-market trading to secret societies."

You will be warned that the city stinks when you first enter. The waters at the Port of Egerias give an ominous feel, and are as dark as the roleplay you'll find there.

This is not your typical Kasurian dream. Most places you visit that deal with Dragonlands canon are bright, sunny settings, or center around a tavern. Egerias is a harbor, a smelly one at that--it's also a small city with plenty of secrets.

If you go behind the initial row of buildings, you'll see an attestment to their dreamweaving and architecture. The patches that make up the houses and flats are impressive, to say the least. But what Egerias is missing, at the moment, are members. It's a beautiful dream in need of more players.

"This dream was originally a part of Blackstone Continuity, and when that continuity folded and Ilori decided not to run the dream anymore," Rosalyn Rag-Ear, the current Rah, tells me. "She was very kind to let us have it under a new name, with the blessing of the old staff. She did a marvelous job on it and built up a great history for the city, and we had some great RP with her--she also did some custom patching for the dream, in addition to using a number of public patches."

"It's been a rough summer for the dream with players often gone for vacation, or work, or summer school--but we have a couple fresh plot ideas for the fall. I think the most far-reaching event that happened here was the feud between the Chatsmerrs and the Kelsets, two big clan-families fighting for the business and control of the local docks. Fighting, kidnapping for ransom--it was a pretty cool ongoing plot."

And if you do happen to head to the bar, say hello to Fat Jack.

"There's one face that never changes around here. His 'real' name is Jack Canifor, and all that's clear about him at first glance is that he's got a frightfully imposing physique, runs the Drowning Mermaid Tavern with a tight fist and a scowl, and he's got a good head for dice. In fact, he wears a pair around his neck--and, if you ask the locals, legend is that he used that pair to win the Mermaid in a game. He's rather aloof, but even when he seems to have nodded off, you never know whether he's listening in--or who he's listening in on."

"We've got a place for everybody to plug into--so whether you've been thinking of playing a more twisted character, or a more straightforward one, you can find a niche here. Sailors, businessfurres, minor nobility, crooks, what-have-you--bring 'em on. And, as a post-script: we may be a port town, but you'll find remarkably little tolerance for pirates among the sailors here, so you never have to worry about finding a tavern full of cliched Jack Sparrows sitting around."

Port of Egerias can be found in the Imaginarium.

Festival of the Sun


The lighting of the fires for the Sun Festival went off without a hitch--that is, after Gar stopped making all the furniture vanish and the crew fixed everything.

Users crowded around to watch Felorin and Talzhemir throw snowballs and crack jokes. And when they were ready, the two groups of logs were lit. Everyone cheered, sent of fireworks, or offered random cookies to one another.

We post this as a testimony to the warm and fuzzy moments we feel as a whole when we gather together; we may be a relatively small community compared to other online games, but we really do come together when there's an event we take to heart.

You can still visit the Sun Festival to enjoy what's there. Go fishing, solve the riddle of the Sphinx, or poke around the dream contest entries. Don't forget to also visit the festival website to see more contests.

Vietnam 1965


Standing amoung a group of young men dressed to blend in with the dark green surroundings, I stick out like a sore thumb. Who ever said my pastel-mojito colors were good for combat?

Gary Reever: So Artspace, on behalf of the Vietnam -- 1965 Community, we would like to welcome you to the dream!

ArtSpace: Thank you! Ever since I learned there was a Vietnam roleplay in Furcadia, I wanted to come over and check it out. The first question is directed at the rahs and taneets--what gave you the idea of running a Vietnam rp, and why?

Gary Reever: The idea for this dream, like many others I have had came from movies. Various Vietnam movies I've seen over the years such as Platoon, We Were Soldiers, and more simply stuck in my mind. Not to mention I had an uncle who fought in the war and died. Its somewhat a tribute to all of that.


ArtSpace: I thought of that as well when I heard of this place. What kind of subjects do you explore with your storyline?

Nelson Huntley: Well, so far, from my experience anyhow, we've done a few combat roleplays, skirmishes, patrols and the such. Once we kick off, I hope we get a bit more personal with the characters, really develope them, flesh them out.

Gary Reever: The storyline is mainly a Landing zone in the forest. There are multiple areas of the dream in which many different types of stories can unfold. The dream currently has An American Landing Zone, A Vietcong underground base, Dense forest, and A Napalmed village. There are three villages throughout the dream so storylines can varry.

ArtSpace: I remember some Vietnamese friends telling me in high school, "Vietnam is a nice place to visit, but not a nice place to stay". Does storytelling focus specifically on this area, or are there hints of what's going on back home?

Gary Reever: At the current date the dream is set in there are less tensions against the War at home, but perhaps as time goes on in the dream something like the rising tensions of the war at home could play a roll in the dream itself as well. The only hints of whats gone on at home so far are the attitudes and personalities of our members, who do a fine job of being in-character and playing out their backstories on their present selves within the dream.

Nelson Huntley:
Well, I had a bit of a roleplay where Nelson received a letter from home. Honestly, we haven't really looked into it that much, but it would definitely be interesting to see the soldiers' response to such a negetive outlook on the war blooming in America.

The dream is relatively new, and they're still looking for members. Along the tour Gary gives me of Vietnam, he shows me various traps they've set in the dream that go off without warning. Some, such as spikes in the ground, require the help of another person to get out of. Others would seriously injure or kill your character on the spot.

ArtSpace: Tell me a bit about your characters.

Nelson Huntley: Nelson is a bit of a, well a smartass, to be honest, heh. He's a pesimist, he's lazy, he's sarcastic, disrespects officers. He's not very happy to be in Vietnam, that much is for sure. He's a draftee, and while he is a very good soldier, it's not what he wants to be doing. But hey, at least it's better than pumping gas back home.

Gary Reever: Well myself, Gary Reever, is your average soldier during the time. Fed up with life at home he joined the military and came over as an advisor before the full war broke out. He was stationed in Vietnam two years prior to the current year. He's your average soldier, an individual but knows when to work with the group. He is generally found cleaning his M16 as they were notorious for jamming due to the weather and muck of the rain-drenched forests of 'Nam. He is a Sergeant in the Army and leads a Second Squad in First Platoon.

Matthew Vanhorn:
The idea behind my character is that he's a little mysterious. He never talks about his life back home or opens up to anybody, but he doesn't make himself seem invisible, since he leads a squad and all.

Fritz von Vranitzky: Fritz is an old Luftwaffen Pilot, who surrendered during the battle of Munich in 1945. After that he started flying for America since he had some good aviation skills, almost getting an Ace Status during the Korean War, before he was put into Service as a Helicopter Aviator. Then eventually he ended up here, working as a pilot for these DUNCES. xD jk.

Neil Diamond: Neil is pretty much a Journalist for NBC after World War Two, covering much of the Foriegn Wars no one really cared about. He got into the Marines (Or Army, whichever) in about 1960. When he did, he somehow got the Rank of Lieutenant and got into this Platoon as their Leader, and now he has to put up with Nelson...

We make our way through the dense jungle and past the various traps and wires set. For those who turn their sound on, they'll hear gunshots and other noises depending on where they are in the dream.

There are also tunnels for the Vietcong. Because the dream has yet to see many people playing this side, the tunnels are just begging to be used.

ArtSpace: Do you guys ever change up the traps every now and again to keep people on their toes?

Gary Reever: I perhaps will, but I have found through my own personal experience that for every trap you think you know, there is another one around the corner, and even if you know a trap is there, you still can hit it.

This was proven at the end of the tour where we came back to the bridge where we first began walking. I almost stepped in the same trap twice, and then a regular member fell into the trap by mistake.

Matthew Vanhorn: ...

Gary and I laughed.

Matthew Vanhorn: How could I do that?

Guess he doesn't need to change those traps around after all.

Elements of a Dream: Making a Skin

Hello! I'm Artspace. And today we'll be making a skin! Come with me, as we journey into the world of Marbled.pcx'ing and Skin.ini'ing.

(And check out my Bob Ross afro! Neat,huh?)

Happy Trees! Happy Skins!Collapse )

Alpine Ravine


The first thing I saw when I walked into Alpine Ravine, was one that took me by surprise--a group of wolves sitting around and watching an episode of Sailor Moon.

No, really.

It's just one of the clever and artistic things you'll find there. Alpine, a feral wolf dream, is an testimony to creativity, inventive programming, and the full use of the current palette. If you don't believe me, check out the fountain in the OOC area. It'll make you a believer.

Check out the website as well. It's beautifully animated and there's lot of pretty art to look at.

Everyone gathers around for the interview.

ArtSpace: The first thing I wanted to say is that I'm amazed at the variety of rp available in this one dream. And the art is so beautiful. What drew you to Alpine Ravine, and why do you stay?

Sadae: The friendly community and gorgeous artwork got me to stay.

Zendar: Rhea told me to come here, Arch made me stay. :D

Archery comes here because many old friends helped develope, maintain, or just simply inhabit this dream. It's a great place to congregate... and the art, avatars, etc are fantastic ;-)

Mostly since its a nice place to hang. The people are nice and I love that everytime I come back it seems to have something new to offer.

Nyaco: I personally find this place perfect for roleplaying, the music is very suttle, and the animations entrancing, it really gets you in the mood. This whole place looks so realistic, and the different areas are a factor too for me.

Tellathia really likes the art and interactivity of the dream, plus found IG through here. ^^

How do you handle being in different groups? Are you able to alt in more than one pack? And can you give me a sort of description of how each pack differs?

Accessary's mate/fiance is thinking of starting a pack, though like almost anywhere, its hard to keep them together. The schedules people opperate are irratic and take a lot to keep together. But for now I haven't been part of any pack yet. More than just some one on one things.

ArtSpace nods.

Tiamat: The main residant pack here is Acwellan, it's made up of four factions spread out across the dream. While Acwellan is a resident pack there is plenty of room for other packs to move in and make Alpine Ravine their home.

ArtSpace: Ah! So each pack differs by rp style and schedules?

Tiamat: Yes, each faction of Acwellan has a different set of standards and rules. Russus Acwellan, for example, welcomes all types of posting styles, while the others have a paragraph standard. Lusus Naturae welcomes "freak" species, while the other only welcome regular wolves.

Accessary: Mostly. I mean, people who like 'fancy' RP aren't going to stay with people who like short posts and simple language. Or something a little different. But that is mostly depending on personal prefs of everyone.

ArtSpace: So there's something for everyone. That's pretty nice!

Archery: It's nice to have a diverse area for people of all interests. :3

ArtSpace: Can you tell me a little about the art here? I see so many nice patches, some I recognize and some I don't.

Campaign: Most of them were created by Tia. :3

Archery nods

Accessary: Well Tia is the 'mastermind' of course But she does take suggestions, which is nice!

ArtSpace: That is some amazing work.

I saw this and was reminded of the movie Snow Falling on Cedars.

Archery: Aqua Dark, Nagir, Tiamat... some of the large contributors to the success of AR

Campaign: Undeniably.

Tiamat: A lot of the patches you may have seen used in the Wylde patch or other public patches. The unique patches, however, are made by me or my sister Aqua Dark.

ArtSpace: What program do you use to create them?

Tiamat: Nagir writes most of the music in AR, as well. I use Photoshop CS. Wonderful program :-D

turns her sound and music on. Wow!

Accessary: Nagir makes his stuff in Guitar Pro

I love that rain.

(Smoothly animated rain, that looks like it's taken from a feature-length cartoon.)

Tiamat: I make sure to use SFX only in areas, rather than over the entire dream. So you'll only hear crickets in some areas, or birds in some areas. With the rain you'll get a different SFX outside then you would in a den.

ArtSpace: What is your favorite thing about this community? It can be anything.

Sadae: The cheerful atmospere is quite inviting and it isn't too hard to become a regular like it would in some other dreams.

Campaign: I personally like how warm everyone is, no one feels alienated. When I first came, well it wasn't like in other dreams where it's relatively hard to fit in. People aren't judged by some ridiculous desc or their attitudes, everyone's invited.

Aqua Dark:
What I love here is that every one has a good attitude, and respect for every one, andandand we all friendly! We are just big ol happy family. :>

Archery loves the community because it's just that- a community. A diverse place with many different people to associate with. :3

Nagir is here, thats what makes the dream good From Nagir, himself.

ArtSpace: And the last thing I wanted to ask was concerning the DS, since we have a lot of people who are into programming. Can you tell me anything about the systems you might have implemented in the dream? Such as the weather system. Is this automated?

Tiamat: The weather is triggered by a newly added "Ghost Quest" where players go on a bit of a treasure hunt and in the end summon rain. It was a bit complicated getting the rain to turn no via player trigger, and turn off via player trigger, which is why it doesn't change unless a Furre makes an action. I get a lot of DS help from Grand who is a professional software engineer and programmer.

A myriad of things to find here, if you look hard enough.

ArtSpace: Wow, that must be great to have a professional on the team. And is there anything else you guys want to add, for people who might be interested in visiting?

I'd just like to welcome anybody! Like people have said there is a place for everyone! And everybody is made to feel at home.

Nyaco: Heh, I'd never be able to make a dream, none the less like this, I know nothing about DS and FSH doesn't work on my compter.

Accessary: Its a place thats always looking for new people to help it grow.

Plus, Alpine Ravine is beautiful :-D

Accessary: Its true.

It's true.

Descartes, Dreamweaving, and You.

Hello readers! I'm trying to catch up on a few things on this end, but here's a thought I left on the official forums about dreambuilding. I hope you enjoy it!

Many people talk about the philosopher Rene Descartes and the relevance of his point of view today, yet when it comes to design, they still have yet to realize that what he taught also relates to that. When people play a game such as this, they accept whatever 'reality' they see surrounding their avatar (the isometric environment), and think they have to abide by that reality when they create their own custom graphics. In an effort to push for more creativity, I've been trying to say that, hey, this isn't true.

Through logical thinking, Descartes separated himself from the world he saw around him. This is what made him so forward in his thinking. If you realize that you can do whatever you want despite any circumstances and implied rules there might exist around you, you can accomplish and build anything. This is true anywhere you go--no matter if it's the real or virtual world you're talking about.

The next time you create a dream or a patch for one, ask yourself--am I doing everything I can, am I utilizing my design skills as much as I can? Push yourself to do something different. Take your visitors to new places, and open their minds.

Starship Avalon


Pretty, isn't it? Yeah, it's even prettier in person, trust me.

This picture may be small (done to protect the patches in the dream), but believe me when I tell you that Starship Avalon is a fantastic place worth visiting. Not to mention if you grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation like I did, you're going to step into this dream thinking you've died and gone to Trekkie heaven.

Vice Rah Gerolkae was kind enough to give me a tour of the ship. Before we left, however, I took time to talk to the group and ask them a few questions.

Gerolkae: As a guild, we've been around 3 and a half years. This is Avalon C, being the 3rd vessel to bear the name. We have the D under development.

ArtSpace: What's going to happen to Avalon C once D is released?

Gerolkae: Have decided yet.. But we're expecting to have a massive ship wide that will destroy C and give her a good send off to the history books.

Ah, so an upcoming storyline.

Gerolkae: It's rumored that the Fundamentalist Movement may have a hand in taking over the vesel, and we'll have no choice but to use the Self destruct and evacuate.

Now that sounds interesting.

When did you join, and why do you stay?

I'm one of the remaining members from the old Takimora Clan. I Joined that back in 99/2k.

Kaitlyn Farso:
I joined about 14 months ago, give or take a bit. I stayed because this place is active, organized, and just plain old kicks butt on a regular basis.

Orta'ma Akuma:
I joined about...a year ago. Avalon is one of the best RP groups I have ever been a part of. Best dream, great RP, great story line.

SAC Guilds started as an offshoot to represent Takimora. I Was Vice Lord back then with Ronin'Kai as the Highlord. When he went offline, I switched my energy to this guild and its prospered ever since. The origins of Takimora Imperial Fleet Command and the Takimora Empire are explained on our Charter page. SAC's always held an individual status from Takimora. Its enabled us more freedom to explore ideas that were too radical for a Japanease Fedual style leadership.

Kaitlyn Farso: We're a giant dysfunctional family.

Orta'ma laughs.

Gerolkae: Anyway, fast track to the present--Avalon is enjoying some shoreleave as the new democratic government comes to power. This is an intermission to Season 4 which we planned to launch in the coming weeks.

There's some talk about the difficulty of docking the ship. Orta'ma mutters, to which Kaitlyn giggles in reply.

Orta'ma Akuma: That parking job was a pain in the ass...

Kaitlyn Farso: Docking isn't so hard, is it?

Orta'ma Akuma: We're a very wonderful group. It takes time getting use to our style and how we work, but we are rather great, and lively once you get to know us! Our RP is great!

Gerolkae: We are a strict RP guild; however, our system's rather laid back and dependent on our players' involvement. Several of our ship wides have started out as localized rp by our players interacting with each other.

Kaitlyn Farso: The SAC is a big dysfunctional family and we all love to torment each other. It takes some time getting used to, but once you've made a friend here, you've likely made a friend that'll stay true.

With that, we were off.

As I said before, the interior of the ship is basically what you remember from any Star Trek episode or movie--well planned and built. You can tell the floor plan for each deck matches the one below or above it perfectly. When the ship has a power failure, ladders connect the decks to one another, and the doors are manually pumped open in order for people to move around.

You have to see this for yourself. I'm serious. This picture does no justice.

Two of the most impressive areas on the ship would be the engineering brig and control room. Screens depicting systems are detailed and animated--you almost want to reach out and touch a button to see what it does. The sick bay? There's an EMH on hand to administer medicine, just like the happy doctor on Voyager. There are smaller ships you can take to fly out to the next warp, while your progress is tracked (a map on the website lets you see where you are!). And to top it all off, as if you couldn't flail in happiness from everything else, there's a Stargate to transport between one dream and the next. Both gates must be operational and in the correct mode to send/receive visitors in order to work.

If you find yourself watching Scifi Channel and Spike TV more than anything else, or you're just looking for a great place to roleplay, stop by Starship Avalon. You will absolutely love it.

Paradise Haven


Two words to describe Paradise Haven would be "peaceful" and "cohesive".

Cohesive, because while there are a multitude of different patches that go into the dream, they all look as if they're by one artist. And you don't have to go far to see how peaceful it is. Paradise looks like a tropical suburb, without the annoying neighborhood committee.

And the bathrooms? Are cute. If I saw something like that in a real house, I would froth at the mouth from adoration or something.

ArtSpace: So to start off, what gave you the idea for Paradise?

Runetta Reborn: Another dream, actually. Glowater in FurN has always been a favorite of mine and I wanted something a little like it, but with a more Roleplay friendly setting.

You use a variety of patches in your dream, and I noticed that they all seamlessly fit together. And those roofs are gorgeous. What graphics did you use and from whom?

Runetta Reborn: Oh my, that's quite a list. Let's see... Linnet did a good deal of the walls and floor. The items are from Kinsem, Tiponya, Kaeliny'fae, Mortain, Slang and myself. A good deal I modified, like roofs, which I did using the default green ones, and the windowed walls which are a combonation of patches from Linnet and Indigo Nightfall. Oh, and the Pixel Beekins of course for the wonderful plants that are from The Wylde's patch.

ArtSpace: Yeah, I loved the little columns with water.  What plans do you have for the dream?

Runetta Reborn: Thank you (: There's not really any big plans at the moment because I sort of made the dream on a whim. However, I have decided to make it a more relaxed enviroment. All non-canon, non-futuristic characters are welcomed for a little friendly RP. We have a site in the works with more info that'll be up as soon as I'm done typing it all out.

ArtSpace: Okay! Thanks for taking time to talk with me. Is there anything else you wanted to add for anyone who might be interested in visiting?

Runetta Reborn: We're going to try to have monthly events for those interested. Possible things like our grand opening, where we gave out digos and scales for trivia and such. Aside from that, we're just a peaceful retreat for those looking for a more relaxed environment (:

Murder, Mystery, and Intrigue Party

Imagine hiding behind a tree, hoping to God someone doesn't come along with a knife and see you, while listening to Rob Zombie blasting on the radio. That's the Murder, Mystery, and Intrigue party Myshella Cambree hosted this evening. Although it's a dream that can normally be found in AI, today was a special event that featured door prizes, trivia, and a thrilling-yet-"deadly" game of hide and go seek.

By the time I arrived, the pizza and pongo juice had already been served, but it didn't stop a friend and I from joining in the fun. We were thrown into the aforementioned game that makes MMI so darn fun to begin with, but with a twist: a trivia session was being held over shouts. I huddled in the garden (thank you, furling avatars, for being so small) and waited for the killers who were stalking the grounds for people to collect to be caught by the assigned detective.

Every so often, pictures featuring Sadako/Samara climbing out of a television would pop out at me, just to keep the suspense going. That, along with the dark skin and even darker patches, really intensifies the game.

And I really have to hand it to AllFur Radio's DJ Delectable for providing some great music. Usually with most internet radio stations, I end up turning to something else after ten minutes because I don't like their selection. But part of what made this event fun was the music, which went perfectly with what was going on.

And before you ask, yes. They even played Thriller.

Thanks to Myshella for hosting such an awesome event! And a special hello to Chyna Rose, Emeri, and Peemonster, who I saw in attendance.